Why Star Trek Fans Should Still Watch The Original Star Trek

Most Star Trek fans who have watched the Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture will agree that it is the best version of the film. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that the 1979 film’s original version was rushed into theatres and many of the effects were incomplete. Given that, one could question why it is currently available to anyone with a Paramount+ subscription. It turns out that producer David Fein has a compelling argument for why the film is still available and why viewers should still give the Director’s Edition’s most recent 4K edit a chance to wow them.

David Fein and I had the privilege of chatting about the Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and after hearing about the additional enhancements, I was compelled to ask him if he thought there was a compelling argument for people to see the original. Fein, who naturally enjoyed the original, explained why it’s crucial to keep it available:

Really, David Fein just lay it out there. Star Trek: The Motion Picture has admirers despite not being the most well-liked movie in the series. Some people saw portions of the Enterprise for the first time, and it was just thrilling to see these adored characters on a large screen.

David Fein thinks the original Star Trek: The Motion Picture ought to be kept available for these and probably many other reasons. He has fought for more than one version to remain in the franchise, not just that one. Fein stated that he wanted to ensure that the extended edition had a chance to stand out and that the most recent Director’s Edition upgrade didn’t do so:

It doesn’t seem like Star Trek wants to do that, in contrast to other series that have no difficulty erasing earlier draughts of a movie or even drastically altering the meaning of sequences. At least in the case of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, viewers can be confident that the specific version of the film they wish to watch is readily available (minus the forgotten pitch where Captain Kirk fought Jesus).

All things considered, David Fein is undoubtedly proud of the reputation the Director’s Edition has earned as a result of the years of dedication to the film (especially in upping the scare factor in that transporter accident). Fein mentioned that and his admiration for all of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture versions near the end of his response.

Therefore, it’s okay if a fan sees Star Trek: The Motion Picture in its Director’s Edition but still likes one of the previous cuts. Ultimately, fans are free to enjoy the things that speak to them the most, which is a maxim that all Trek fans should keep in mind. Let’s focus on the fact that the franchise gives fans a choice and does not pressure the audience to choose one movie version over another for the time being. We’d be in serious business if we could only train the franchise to really produce Star Trek 4!

The 4K Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture is currently on sale in shops. Even though it ranks somewhere towards the bottom of our favourite Star Trek films, it is also available to watch on Paramount+, so check that out as well. You might even want to see the original release. Since there is still fresh content coming out throughout the remainder of the year, fans can also check out the current Star Trek shows.

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