White Vision TV Series Is Being Developed for Disney+ Per MCU Rumor

WandaVision marked the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s transition to long-form storytelling on Disney+, and many plotlines from the programme have already been carried further in current and forthcoming Marvel productions. Among these are the continuation of Wanda Maximoff’s adventure in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Monica Rambeau’s journey to The Marvels thanks to her newly discovered abilities, and Agatha Harkness’s own Disney+ series, Coven of Chaos, which focuses on the villain. What happened to Paul Bettany’s White Vision, however, is one unanswered question that may soon be resolved since a recent rumour stated that a Disney+ series centred on the character may be in the works.

On The Hot Mic podcast, Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider shared the most recent speculations about Vision’s return to the MCU. According to insiders, the new series has the intriguing working title of Vision Quest. When you consider that the name of the character’s Marvel Comics arc, in which the character gets disassembled, has his brain erased, and has his skin turned white, you can see the importance of the term. He also learns information about his children with Wanda and how they were nothing more than figments of Wanda’s mind brought on by a “hysterical pregnancy” in the West Coast Avengers narrative. Sounds recognisable?

Since Vision is now somewhere in the MCU universe, with his memory restored but without the power of an infinity stone within him, it is likely that the story of a Vision series will be more like a sequel to that comic book storyline, even though a large portion of the Vision Quest story was adapted into WandaVision’s series. It is unclear whether the series will focus on how Vision manages his recently recovered memories of his prior life, and of course, it is uncertain if it will result in a reunion with Wanda after the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Will Paul Bettany Remake His Vision Role?

In a recent statement, Paul Bettany expressed uncertainty as to whether he will return to the MCU to reprise his role as Vision. There appeared to be some unfinished business for White Vision after WandaVision’s finale since there aren’t many Marvel heroes who can just fly off into the distance and never be seen again. Bettany said at the time:

“I’m not bound by a contract. That is unknown to me. I have zero knowledge about it. All I do know is that a limited series is being pushed for an Emmy in this particular publicity campaign. Therefore, it doesn’t seem that will happen again. Although we haven’t addressed it, I suppose it would be impossible to introduce White Vision without dealing with him in some manner.”

It’s possible that now that this has been discussed, Vision might return to the MCU in the not too distant future, with Bettany resuming his role. Only when Kevin Feige thinks the timing is appropriate will he explain where his new plot will lead him and how it will connect to the rest of the MCU.

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