Trevor Noah considers moving to India after quitting Daily Show

After quitting the Daily Show, Trevor Noah said he’s thinking about moving to India to learn more about the Bollywood industry.

The 38-year-old presenter said he is thinking about moving to Mumbai after announcing his departure from the program after seven years.

I never want to stop learning, he declared at the annual New York Gala for the prestigious global learning non-profit Pratham USA, where he was a special guest. The prospect of returning to the globe as my home is exciting.

“I may relocate to Mumbai. Get a job in Bollywood. Discover the steps. Take voice lessons.

Regarding the value of education, he continued, “If it weren’t for a select group of professors who regarded each student not only as a learner but also as an opportunity, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

“Understanding is learning. It transforms a community enormously. If you walk into a community and teach, you will have sent shockwaves across subsequent generations.

Since Pratham was established in Mumbai in 1995, it has helped more than 75 million children, and the money generated at the Pratham NYC Gala will be used to benefit kids and teens all over India.

The South African comic took over for fellow comedian Jon Stewart when he joined the political satire talk program in 2015.

‘What a trip it’s been, every single one of you who comes to support us every single day, everyone who has watched the program and it’s grown all over the world,’ he said when announcing his departure at the end of September.

I discovered myself overwhelmed with appreciation for the journey, which has been utterly incredible and unlike anything I could have imagined.

I realized after seven years that my time is up, but in the most beautiful way, he continued.

I have enjoyed being the show’s host; it has been both one of my biggest difficulties and my greatest delights.

“We’ve grieved and laughed together…” yet I feel like it’s time after seven years, you know?

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