The Top DCEU films

After the massive success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was only a matter of time until the DC DCEU made an effort to match that achievement with its roster of well-known superheroes. The DC Extended Universe’s origin story was a reasonable place to start, but Zack Snyder’s portrayal turned off many with its dismal, depressing tone.

Despite the controversy surrounding Man of Steel, Warner Bros. opted to start a cinematic universe because the film made enough money at the box office. The convoluted series that followed produced some of the best and worst comic book movies in recent memory.

Suicide Squad

After giving David Ayer six weeks to finish the writing for Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. DCEU began to worry about the film’s dark tone as Batman v Superman failed at the box office and Deadpool surpassed all expectations to become a hit.

The studio altered Ayer’s cut by employing the editors of the well-received trailer to essentially cut the entire movie like a feature-length trailer. Because of this, the action alternates between awkward explanations and perplexing moments.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

The excitement surrounding the movie Batman v Superman ended in utter disappointment when it turned out to be far from as enjoyable as a movie with that title promised to be.

After Warner Bros. had the wonderful notion to utilize Batman v. Superman as a launching pad for their Marvel-like cinematic universe for DC DCEU heroes, Zack Snyder lost interest in delivering a cogent plot. Instead, he made use of the opportunity to jam-pack the movie with “mystery box” hints à la J.J. Abrams, including the Joker killing Robin and the Flash’s brief appearance from the DCEU’s future. The scenes that advance the plot, such as the infamous “Save Martha!” event, is far worse.

Justice League

Given that it had one of the most troublesome productions in movie history, it’s a miracle that Justice League is even understandable, but it’s a lousy movie. Warner Bros. had second thoughts following the negative reviews of Batman v Superman, so they asked Zack Snyder to trim his lengthy movie to two hours and lighten its tone.

After a personal tragedy caused Snyder to depart, Warner Bros. decided to completely change his film. The hiring of Avengers director Joss Whedon to squeeze a lot of Marvel-style humor in led to a tonal disaster for the corporation.

Black Adam

While critics mainly gave Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s DCEU debut unfavorable reviews, audiences embraced the film. Black Adam, Kahndaq’s anti-hero, emerges from a protracted hibernation to discover a city under the control of an authoritarian ruler. Since Black Adam isn’t a “normal” hero and has great power, the Justice Society of America discovers him and shows up soon away to take out Kahndaq’s potential savior.

With serious pacing issues, Black Adam is a strange film. Before returning to battle sequences in the second act, the narrative repeatedly hits the same beats, which could get rather boring. A few crucial moments in the last act are rushed, and as a result, some of the plot’s twists and turns fall hollow, while the first act appears overly dragged out. Johnson and Pierce Brosnan, who play Black Adam and Doctor Fate, respectively, both put on interesting performances, although the acting is inconsistent.

Black Adam is not an awful movie, despite what its critics claim. In general, the arguments are enjoyable, and they occasionally produce funny situations. Despite Black Adam’s lack of humor, Johnson has the chance to play a darker character than those he typically does in the film, and his physical appeal shines through. Despite Cyclone and Atom Smasher’s absence from the film, the Justice Society of America is handled well. They keep their lofty natures while being portrayed as opponents and even hypocrites.

Man Of Steel

Superman’s origin tale received a gritty, gloomy makeover in Man of Steel, the first movie in Zack Snyder’s DC Extended Universe, which was influenced by Batman Begins. Snyder’s aesthetic decisions raised some debate among diehard Superman fans, but Henry Cavill ultimately proved to be the best choice for the role.

Man of Steel’s dismal tone didn’t fit its subject matter, much like the Batman Begins-inspired films Fantastic and The Amazing Spider-Man and Fant4stic. The last thing Superman, the cheery-eyed icon of optimism, deserves is a sad, depressing movie.

Wonder Woman 1984

One of the more divisive movies in the DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman 1984, delivers a different viewing experience than its predecessor. With Barbara Minerva’s transformation into Cheetah or Steve Trevor’s divisive comeback, the film, which is set in the hair metal era, seems to be influenced by ’80s body swap movies.

The start of Wonder Woman 1984 is extremely slow, with the titular character doing very little during the first hour. It lacks direction, moves slowly, and is jam-packed with unimportant details. Although the remaining portions of the movie are incoherent, Pedro Pascal’s outrageous performance as Maxwell Lord is enjoyable.


The Aquaman character was mocked in the DC Extended Universe before Jason Momoa was chosen to play the role. Momoa’s imposing build and never-ending coolness helped the ruler of Atlantis transform overnight into one of the most well-known superheroes.

After Joss Whedon’s reshoot of Justice League messed damaged Arthur Curry’s characterization, James Wan created a standalone movie featuring the epic combat scenes of The Lord of the Rings and the globetrotting adventures of Indiana Jones. The Dark Knight Rises was later eclipsed by this movie to become the highest-grossing DC movie ever.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which has the greatest audience rating of any DCEU picture on Rotten Tomatoes, is noticeably better than the theatrical release. This four-hour film is a magnificent epic that merits the name “Justice League.” Old and new heroes can both get some breathing room thanks to the project’s length, but Cyborg and The Flash stand to gain the most.

The director’s cut, which contains stronger drama and action as well as a far better job of introducing the audience to new characters, is without a doubt the best way to watch this film. In this version, even Steppenwolf is regarded as a respectable foe.

Birds Of Prey

Suicide Squad’s one redeeming feature—Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn—was almost all that separated Birds of Prey from that movie, along with her connection to the Joker. There are a few issues with the plot, though.

The biggest problem with Birds of Prey is that, despite being set up as a team-up movie, it seems to be desperately striving to be either a Harley Quinn solo movie or a team-up movie. It’s never a good sign when a studio changes the title of a movie while it’s still in theaters.

The Suicide Squad

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, which he both wrote and directed, was effective in bringing to the big screen several lesser-known DC characters without coming off as overstuffed or disjointed. The Suicide Squad has a solid narrative that successfully supports the humor and action while being simply entertaining, which is something that not every DCEU movie can claim to be.

Thanks to Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, Viola Davis, and John Cena, The Suicide Squad is bursting with personality, and Gunn’s peppy filmmaking lets each performance stand out. The Suicide Squad more than met the DCEU’s requirement for a blockbuster hit following the contentious Wonder Woman 1984.


After David F. Sandberg gave the DCEU some much-needed humor with the silly, self-aware fun of Shazam!, in which a young child is given the ability to transform into an adult superhero by saying the movie’s catchphrase, the DCEU started with Man of Steel and BvS, which were both largely devoid of humor.

Wonder Woman

Patty Jenkins was the appropriate director to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen. In stark contrast to the MCU’s excessive use of comedy, Jenkins chose to erase the word “cheesy” from her vocabulary and handled Diana Prince’s metamorphosis from an Amazonian warrior to a world-saving superhero seriously.
Gal Gadot’s unrelenting commitment to the role made this DCEU’s best entry. The “No Man’s Land” scenario is one of the most magnificent set pieces in recent movie memory.

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