The Ideal Justice League 2 Villain DC

Black Adam deserves praise. After spending more than a decade making preparations for Black Adam’s entrance, Dwayne Johnson finally entered the DC universe in 2022. Since his anti-hero is now a part of the DC Universe, Black Adam’s conclusion suggests that he will continue to be a crucial figure going forward. Following the post-credits surprise, Johnson intends to challenge Henry Cavill’s Superman. After demonstrating that Black Adam could defeat the Justice Society and Sabbac, he even hinted that he could be interested in battling the full Justice League squad.

Thanks to Henry Cavill’s return as Superman and DC Studios’ creative restructure, which placed James Gunn and Peter Safran in charge, the future of the Justice League in the DC Universe seems more promising than it did before. Justice League 2 is not officially in the works, since plans for a sequel were put on hold when Zack Snyder left the property. But as the company moves ahead, returning the Justice League to the DC Universe ought to be a top goal. Following Snyder’s strategy and use Darkseid as the antagonist when it occurs seems implausible. The good news is that Black Adam seems to be DC’s ideal adversary for Justice League 2 already.

Black Adam Is Strong Enough To Fight The Justice League Himself

Finding a formidable antagonist who can take on the whole team by themselves will be the toughest hurdle when it comes time to build Justice League 2. Despite having just one appearance to far, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is more than capable of taking on the whole squad by himself. Super strength, flying, near invulnerability, and lightning bolts that increase stronger the angrier he gets are just a few of Black Adam’s abilities. Being able to share his magical abilities with anyone he chooses, like Shazam, gives Black Adam an advantage over the majority of Justice League members.

Black Adam makes no bones about the fact that Dwayne Johnson’s DC character is one of the most potent ones to have appeared in the DC Universe. He consistently shows that the Justice Society cannot defeat him, even when they pool their resources. The Justice League could be able to use Black Adam’s introduction of Eternium (Black Adam’s equivalent of Kryptonite), the anti-weakness, hero’s against him. Black Adam is still powerful enough to take on each Justice League member one at a time and maybe defeat the whole group.

DC would have the chance to recreate the Superman vs. Justice League combat from Justice League on a larger scale if Black Adam served as the enemy in Justice League 2. Black Adam’s strength would allow him to outmatch Wonder Woman, Aquaman, or Superman in a fight, but his speed may neutralise The Flash’s abilities. Teth-Adam would easily beat Bruce Wayne otherwise, leaving Batman in the situation of having to fight Black Adam from a distance. Black Adam might possibly be powerful enough to combat any member of the Justice League 2 squad, even whether they are Shazam, Green Lantern, Hawkman, or other characters.

The Rock As Justice League 2’s Villain Works With DC’s Plans

As previously said, it makes more sense for DC’s present intentions if Black Adam serves as the villain in Justice League 2. The scenario for Darkseid in Justice League 2 doesn’t seem to fit where DC is heading. Peter Safran and James Gunn will be in charge of starting the new 10-year plan that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav wants now that they are in control of DC Studios. The goal of Gunn and Safran is to employ DC’s most famous characters to create a cohesive series. Dwayne Johnson should be a significant part of what happens next based on the success of Black Adam and the response from the public, and having him substantially engaged should be a high focus.

The villain in Justice League 2 being Black Adam would be a logical progression. Black Adam has already confronted Superman, demonstrating that the Justice Society is unable to stop him. Since Dwayne Johnson’s character does not seem to have any plans to live in Kahndaq permanently, the Justice League would be alerted if he continued to ruthlessly impose his will all over the planet. To bring the Justice League and Black Adam together, DC would need to make a commitment to Black Adam as the antagonist and refrain from adding a greater danger towards the end. Even if Black Adam defeats the Justice League, it would seem like a cheap move.

Justice League vs Black Adam Can Tease A Real Superman Fight

Another step toward the Black Adam and Superman confrontation might be taken by the DC Universe by having Black Adam battle the Justice League. As a result of the post-credits sequence in Black Adam bringing Black Adam and Superman together, their paths may now intersect once again in Justice League 2. By having Superman battle Black Adam with the aid of the Justice League, the DC Universe would have the ability to somewhat deviate from expectations. During such a combat, the two dominant characters would exchange blows, but Justice League 2 would obstruct a clear determination of who is more powerful.

Justice League 2 would be able to build anticipation for Superman and Black Adam’s next confrontation by giving viewers a sneak peek at what the conflict between the two would entail. If Justice League 2 violated The Rock’s battle rule by having Black Adam lose, the circumstances of the rematch would be more intense. Black Adam would unquestionably be in a position where he would have more incentive to fight Superman as a result of this. Superman could believe that the rest of his allies won’t be much assistance in a future battle after his experience battling Black Adam in Justice League 2. That might therefore account for the other team members’ subsequent refusal to assist Superman.

Will The Rock’s Black Adam Return For Justice League 2?

Black Adam may be the ideal antagonist for the DC Justice League sequel, although it is still unclear if he will appear in it. There is no way to predict if Black Adam will appear in the sequel since DC Studios hasn’t even started to create it in any significant manner. But having Dwayne Johnson participate in Justice League 2 in some fashion would make a lot of sense. The Rock is a popular movie star, so the sequel may not suffer from a financial setback thanks to his presence. Black Adam’s involvement in Justice League 2—even if it’s merely a cameo—would solidify his position as a key figure in the series’ future.

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