Star War Fans debate the future of the Sith as they once again tear apart ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

It has been a rule at Disney and Lucasfilm that no Star Wars storylines take place before The Rise of Skywalker. The two Star Wars Visions episodes “The Twins” and “The Ninth Jedi,” as well as a scene in The Star Wars LEGO Holiday Special where Finn was shown learning Jedi skills from Rey, are the closest things we’ve gotten, even if they’re all canon.

Those days are over. Though any formal announcement is years away, you can bet that the Lucasfilm Story Group has a hazy concept for a sequel trilogy to the sequel trilogy. Fans still make predictions about what might happen next, particularly around who the villains might be.

Could (or should) the Sith return for future stories?

Any new trilogy would unavoidably include the Jedi in some capacity, even though programs like Andor and The Mandalorian have shown that you can create a perfectly compelling Star Wars story without using lightsabers. Who is available to engage in lightsaber combat with any new heroes as the populace demands?

The Sith are no longer a threat as of The Rise of Skywalker. Palpatine has finally passed away (really this time), and the Exegol cult has been destroyed. However, countless Sith artifacts, tombs, and Holocrons have been spread across various planets by thousands of years of cosmic history, and someone Force sensitive with a desire for power will unavoidably come across them one day.

It’s debatable whether someone embracing the Sith cause would be a legitimate Sith Lord or simply a Dark Jedi with bold views, but in either case, one day we can anticipate more bad guys with dark hoods and crimson lightsabers.

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The knives are out once more for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

Since its debut, The Rise of Skywalker has become the target of fans’ ire, and in all honesty, it merits all the derision directed at it. Palpatine has somehow resurfaced, right? C’mon!

The trailer-fantastic scene when Kylo Ren drives his TIE Whisper right at Rey and she performs a sick backflip over the craft while slicing off a wing with her lightsaber is currently being criticized by fans. What precisely was he trying to achieve, even if it seems cool? Why didn’t he use the ship’s weapons to murder her? Why did he attempt to ram her at a high rate of speed if his purpose wasn’t murder?

The most widely accepted explanation is that Kylo knew the trailer required a dramatic moment to sell the movie, and this was the best they could come up with. But this time, there is actually a reasonable response: He was just heaping the pressure on Rey in an effort to sway her toward the Dark Side even though he knew it wouldn’t kill her.

It is unclear why his plan called for his sleek starfighter to erupt in flames and his cockpit to bounce over the desert like a golf ball.

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Does Cassian Andor pale in comparison to a meek and mild animated spy?

Even though Andor has only five episodes, we already know that its protagonist is one of the Rebel Alliance’s top operatives. Cassian’s background with the Rebels is only now being explored on the show, but Rogue One demonstrates that he ultimately played a crucial role in stealing the Death Star designs at the price of his own life.

One fan thinks Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono from Star Wars: Resistance is far superior to him. The evidence shows that he is less bloodthirsty, that no one suspects him of being a spy due to his nice manner, that he can make friends with Imperials thanks to his social abilities, and that he has always supported the Resistance cause.

We aren’t persuaded, especially considering that Cassian Andor’s brutality really increases his effectiveness. The most recent Andor episode also demonstrated that he notices nuances that other Rebels overlook, such as making sure that a left-handed soldier doesn’t walk with their weapon facing towards their formation or precisely how they’re going to carry the treasure inside the Imperial base.

Even though there are still nineteen episodes of Andor to come, we now have all the proof we require that Cassian is the best in the business when it comes to intergalactic espionage.

Though it appears that some entertaining goods will be presented over the weekend, don’t expect any major Star Wars announcements at the New York Comic Con.

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