Harley Quinn Is About to Screw Up the Entire DC Multiverse

A new limited book called Multiversity: Harley Screws Up the DCU features Harley Quinn on the verge of ruining the DC Universe 

Multiversity: Harley Screws Up the DCU is a brand-new six-issue limited series from writers Frank Tieri and Logan Faerber that was revealed on October 9 during the “DC’s Gotham City” panel at New York Comic Con. The series premieres in March 2023, albeit few specifics are known at this time. Harley wouldn’t have it any other way: “This series is shaping up to be a roller coaster ride from start to finish!” DC made fun.In cover art by Faerber that was unveiled during the panel, Harley is seen shrugging her shoulders while surrounded by various DC icons, such as a shattered Batmobile, the “Death of Superman” cape blowing in the wind, a ruined Helmet of Nabu, and more. Amanda Conner, a well-known Harley Quinn artist, will also create the covers.

Time travel will play a part in the next title’s plot, Tieri hinted during the presentation. In the story, Harley returns to Coney Island and learns that she has inherited a time machine. She unknowingly returns to a changed version of the present, where Starro the Conqueror is in charge of the DC Universe, after using the gadget to make a brief trip back in time.Because of the severity of the timeline disruption, all of DC’s heroes’ formative origin stories have been “fucked up.” As a result, Harley needs to figure out how to reverse the chronological disaster.

Harley Quinn Travels to the Multiverse

A new plotline for Harley Quinn’s solo series recently began, and it will also launch her into the DC Universe. Harley Quin was killed by an unidentified assailant in Harley Quin #22. She was revived after her buddy Kevin persuaded Angel Breaker of the League of Shadows to use a Lazarus Pit to revive her.Harley was just made more agitated by the resurrection procedure because something about the Lazarus Pits still seems to be off. Following the events of “Shadow War,” DC first revealed that something appeared to have contaminated the pits when Deathstroke/Slade Wilson returned enraged as ever, which subsequently leads into the ongoing Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths narrative.

In Harley Quinn #25, which comes out on December 27 and has art by Stephanie Phillips and Matteo Lolli, she will travel to the Multiverse and meet hundreds of other versions of herself, including a Harley Who Laughs, as she is now determined to discover the identity of her enigmatic killer.According to the issue’s synopsis, “There can only be one Harley Quinn, or maybe even one hundred? It’s strange out there in the Multiverse. We have the entire group gathered and are ready to inject some humor into this Multiversal murder mystery. We may also commit further murders with a side of mayhem. Old Lady Harley, Harley Who Laughs, and Harley Who Joined a Bowling League in Indiana for the Free Chicken Wings. Come along to the team’s amazing 25th issue of Harley Quinn!”

The DC-based Multiversity: Harley Screws Up the DCU debuts in March 2023.

Source: DC

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