Hancock 2: Why Will Smith’s Superhero Sequel Never Happened

The film Hancock earned a total of $629.4 million all over the globe, Hancock 2 making it a moderate success. Many people are curious about the possibility of a Hancock sequel given that the actors and the director were interested in coming back for another installment. The names of its performers and the members of its creative team were associated with other projects, and despite the many assurances that it would be continued, Hancock 2 was soon forgotten.

Hancock was released in theaters just two months before Iron Man, which kicked off what would become the most successful superhero storyline in the history of film. The year was 2008. On the other hand, Hancock had an unique plot, but it did not have the kind of fan following that Marvel could bring to cinemas. The main character of the movie is John Hancock, who is portrayed by Will Smith. John Hancock is a self-absorbed guy with superpowers who arrogantly disdains other people and immerses himself in drug addiction. However, he does have some redeeming qualities, and a public relations agent by the name of Ray (played by Jason Bateman) is certain that the two of them can improve his reputation. At least until Hancock’s history comes back to haunt him and the viewer learns that his ex-wife Mary (Charlize Theron) is also a super-powerful entity. After that, things are going to get interesting.

Is a Sequel to “Hancock” Being Considered?

Smith’s darker take on the superhero genre fared well enough to suggest a sequel, but the odds are stacked against it. Smith and Theron’s characters might return in a sequel, where they would continue to deal with the challenges of being eternal gods while learning to control their abilities by remaining apart from the rest of the world. Director Peter Berg hinted as much when he said, “There could be another god out there,” and the presence of Smith and Theron, two bona fide blockbuster stars, guaranteed a substantial return audience.

The release of Hancock 2 would have to compete with the arrival of many Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero films, as well as the busy schedules of its many cast and crew members. Berg, Smith, and Theron all returned in September of 2009. Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara were working on the script. A year later, though, both writers were engaged with The Walking Dead TV series while Berg was filming Battleship. Not to mention, Smith needed to spend some time with his loved ones, and everyone understood.

Why a follow-up to Hancock would never work

By that point, Berg was very certain that Hancock 2 would not advance any time in the near future. In one of his most recent interviews, he was asked about the possibility of a sequel, and he responded by saying, “There are so many cooks in that specific kitchen who are so busy.” You’ll never find a group of people who will have a harder time agreeing on anything than we will, but he was still holding out hope that it might take place at some point in the future. “To get us all in the same room where we can talk and then agree on anything,” he said, “You’ll never meet a group of people who will have a harder time agreeing on anything.” Even Charlize Theron said that she would “do it in a heartbeat” if given the opportunity, and she joked that “we’ll be superheroes with our walkers, you know.”

But even in the unlikely event that Hancock 2 was suddenly greenlit and given a release date, it could still need to recruit new protagonists. Theron is now a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and will be appearing as Clea in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This role is guaranteed to keep her occupied for some time. Because to Smith’s actions at the Oscars, the majority of his upcoming projects were scrapped, and he was expelled from the Academy for a period of many years. But if there is one thing that Hancock has shown us, it is that it is never too late for anybody to make amends for their wrongdoings in the past.

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