Dwayne Johnson name-drops the Justice League, says ‘Black Adam’ is ‘building to something big

At this point, Dwayne Johnson is hardly even making an effort to hide the fact that those persistent rumors of a Henry Cavill cameo in Black Adam were, in fact, true.It makes whole and full sense because the actor and producer has long been an outspoken backer of the DCEU’s canonical Kryptonian and the two are close friends off-screen. Thankfully, it seems that the new leadership at Warner Bros. Discovery is much more eager than their predecessors to bring back The Witcher star.

Johnson has also hinted that Black Adam is just the beginning, with a number of follow-up projects centered on the main actors following the live-action debut of the antihero. Furthering the point, The Rock had to contain his smile when he mentioned the Justice League in an interview with Entertainment Tonight before teasing “something major” that was about to happen.

“What you witnessed towards the conclusion of the film, which is now causing everyone to go crazy, is a reflection of listening to the fans. And that reflects the process of building toward a significant goal. The objective is to continue expanding the DC universe because there are so many directions Black Adam, the JSA, the Justice League, and unmet characters from the DC canon may go. The fans truly have a say in it.

The Cavill appearance appears to be a lock, so you can bet the fans will go absolutely crazy when they see it for themselves. With Johnson ready to seize an entire brand by the horns and lead it into a new age, it may give Black Adam a nice boost at the box office as well.

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