Biggest Differences Between Arkhamverse and Gotham Knights Universe

Biggest Differences Between Arkhamverse and Gotham Knights Universe

Gotham Knights, developed by WB Games Montréal, will launch on October 21 and fill the hole left by the Batman: Arkham video games. However, some fans mistakenly believe that Gotham Knights is a follow-up to Batman: Arkham Knight even though the developers have repeatedly said that the game is set in its isolated world.

The ideals of Gotham Knights wouldn’t work in the Arkhamverse, and it shows with the disparities between the two universes, as much as a sequel to Arkham Knight may appeal to some. Many of the characters and events can’t fit within the Arkhamverse since they are so radically distinct from one another.

A More Connected Bat-Family
In the Arkham games, Batman relentlessly distanced himself from Nightwing and Robin, slamming their assistance at practically every chance, until his ego nearly cost him or them their lives. The only exceptions to this rule were Barbara Gordon and Alfred. Even his friendship with Jason Todd, a.k.a. the Arkham Knight, was considerably darker because Jason merely wanted to murder him.
Despite their conflicting personalities, the Robins in Gotham Knights appear considerably closer linked, giving the impression that they are adoptive brothers. Bruce uses Code Black to transmit the torch to the Knights, strengthening his ties to his kin.

Jason Todd The Anti-Hero
Jason Todd, aka the Red Hood, has virtually little chance of joining the Bat Family given how Batman: Arkham Knight ends his story. He is not only a callous killer who violates the principles and guidelines of the Bat Family, but he is also emotionally wounded from his experience with the Joker.

Bruce’s passing prompts the Gotham Knights version to change his appearance, and he adopts a non-lethal approach to battling crime as a result. The Gotham Knights also demonstrate that he has a closer relationship with the other Knights; although the team is unstable and tense, he feels more a part of it than the Arkham Knights version.

Barbara Gordon Is Batgirl Again
The Batgirl costume has been retired by Barbara after the Joker left her crippled from the waist down, according to the Arkhamverse. Barbara continued to serve as Oracle for Tim Drake, the new leader of the Bat Family, even after Bruce died. Tim Drake was also Barbara’s spouse.

In Gotham Knights, Barbara’s dynamic is considerably different. Barbara Gordon underwent spine surgery this time and fought to recover so she could reclaim her role as Batgirl. Additionally, Batgirl is shown more as the Knights’ leader who controls them.

The Penguin Is More Civilized
The Penguin in the Arkhamverse is portrayed more as an evil gangster who is willing to get dirty to achieve what he wants, thanks to a now-loved portrayal by Nolan North. Oswald Cobblepott is a significantly wealthier and more sophisticated crime boss in Gotham Knights based on what has already been presented.
The Penguin appears to be an aid for the Gotham Knights rather than a deranged killer with a large army of thugs to control; he even provides them with information about the Court of Owls. In addition, he has both his eyes and a softer voice and is clothed in expensive outfits. Of course, the eventual publication of his account might reveal additional criminal activity.

Part Of A Bigger DC Universe
There is no doubt that the Batman: Arkham video games are set in the DC world, but up until the announcement of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, this connection was primarily made through inconsequential allusions and Easter eggs. Gotham Knights have already demonstrated that it might only be the first game in a shared universe.

The most significant connection is that Robin is given access to the Justice League satellite, which grants him teleportation abilities. The character modifications make homage to Aquaman through color schemes, and on the Batcomputer, the player can find emails from figures like Clark Kent expressing sympathy for the Knights’ loss.

Mr. Freeze Is Still Alive
Batman’s encounters with Mr. Freeze in Arkham City, Arkham Origins, and Arkham Knight were dependably exciting. However, at this point, it appears that Arkham and the Gotham Knights are no longer connected.

In one of Arkham Knight’s better side quests, Mr. Freeze meets up with Nora again, and the two of them decide to spend their final days apart from Gotham. They perish at sea since their fate is already decided. On the other hand, Gotham Knights reveal that Freeze is one of the villains and gives him a significantly different look.

Tim Drake Is A Teenager
The Arkhamverse’s Robins all seemed to be around the same age, and it was obvious when Barbara Gordon, of all the characters, wed Tim Drake. Making a shorter timescale wasn’t the worst idea, but it wasn’t done well.
Tim Drake is still a high school student, Jason Todd seems a little younger, Batgirl appears to be in the middle between Dick and Jason, and Dick Grayson appears to be the eldest in Gotham Knights. This allows everyone to know Bruce Wayne better than their Arkham counterparts, and it also brings them closer to the comics.

Harley Quinn Is More Villainous
Harley Quinn is no longer the adorable henchwoman that the Arkham games frequently reduce her to because she is much older and doesn’t have the Joker. She’s also not the sarcastic anti-hero that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League viewers will recognize.

Instead, Harley, the leader of the band of criminals known as The Freaks, has developed into her villain. She can use a supercharged sledgehammer to defeat various Bat-Family members and has elaborate plans. Even if Harley Quinn in the Batman: Arkham games were entertaining, the Harley performed by Kari Wahlgren seems to be considerably scarier.

Jim Gordon Is Dead
Due to his close connection with James Gordon, who played the roles of Captain and Commissioner in the Arkham games, Batman rarely had to interact with the police. That is all thrown out the window in Gotham Knights because Jim Gordon’s passing came before Batman’s.

The Knights now face foes from corrupt police forces, a task group from Blackgate Prison, and other gangs and criminal organizations throughout Gotham. Renee Montoya of the GCPD will be an ally of the Knights, replacing Jim much like they are replacing Batman.

A More Colorful Take On Gotham City
The characters, technology, and environments in all four Arkham games have a common style, despite the obvious visual differences. In the darker Arkhamverse, Gotham City was drenched in mud and rain and had a grimier appearance.

The color scheme in Gotham Knights is more bright, and Gotham City is illuminated by neon lights. The new game’s Gotham City has a much stronger comic book vibe, in the greatest manner conceivable. It is equally lovely and colorful as it is dismal and gothic, and this is reflected in the designs for the four Knights and their numerous suits.

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