14 Dual-Type Dragon Creatures to Try Out in Pokémon

In the Pokémon games, there are 18 different types of Pocket Monsters, each with its own special element. When it comes to Pokémon types, Dragon is one of the most formidable. Several different species are designated as both Dragon-Type and another element. They are a useful addition to any training team since they have access to a wider variety of maneuvers than those available to members of a particular group.

Even though their primary species is a Dragon, the unique abilities they get from their secondary grouping make many dual-type Pokémon very desired. The release dates and methods of discovery for each Pokémon species are listed, as are their abilities and how they fare against the other kinds in battle.

Guillermo Kurten’s October 29th, 2022 update:

There is a constantly growing cast of peculiar animals in the Pokémon universe. Over the next nine generations of Pokémon, there are a wide variety of other Dragon Type species to try out that are just as competitive.


Even though the introduction of the Fairy Type has weakened Dragon Pokémon like Hydreigon, it is still a powerful opponent in the fifth generation. This Black-and-White exclusive monster is a hybrid Dark/Dragon Type, making it one of the most original members of the Dragon Type family.

This Pokémon is the Pseudo-Legendary of Unova due to its formidable abilities as an ambush specialist with three heads that function as one entity under the direction of the main head. Fairy is its only known weakness, however other than the two Types Hydreigon is immune to, it possesses remarkable resistances to a wide variety of other Types (Psychic, Ground). Hydreigon is well-equipped defensively and offensively, with Special Attack standing out among its many formidable offensive moves.


While the Kalos region was relatively easy to traverse in Pokémon X and Y, it did feature Noivern, a unique take on the Dragon-Type monsters. An adversarial Dragon Pokémon, Noivern can generate powerful sound waves with its ears. It’s a fascinating mashup of bats and the legendary dragons of old Europe.

This Flying/Dragon-Type is immune to Ground and has many Type resistances. Not the most formidable offensively or in contrast to its counterparts, but Noivern has top-tier Speed.


Salamence and Metagross, a Steel/Psychic Type, are the only Pokémon in the Hoenn region to have the designation of Pseudo-Legendary. Despite its widespread acclaim, this figure is often overlooked.

The Flygon is an excellent (and literal) representation of the real-world “dragonfly” since it has a dual Ground/Dragon Type. Though it is immune to Ground and Electric and has balanced attacking and defensive stats, this monster is easily defeated by Ice, Fairy, and other Dragons.


In Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Salamence is one of the two most well-known pseudo-legendary Pokémon. The Dragon/Flying-Type’s high Speed and high Attack Stats put it at the top of the list for statistical prowess.

That’s why Salamence, among all the Dragon monsters, is so adaptable. This rowdy (and easily angered) Pokémon packs a powerful punch, resisting Ground while being weak to Ice, Dragon, Rock, and Fairy.


As a dragon and a Fighting-type Pokémon, Kommo-o makes its debut in Sun & Moon. This advancement was made by Jangmo-last o. Kommo-o is covered in scales and creates a rattling sound to scare off potential rivals; it will not engage in combat with another challenger until it first establishes a strong position for itself. These ridges may deflect blows and otherwise protect the wearer.

Therefore, a defensive strategy is most suited for the Kommo-o language. Like other Dragon monsters in the games, Fairy Pokémon are Kommo-worst o’s vulnerability. It has a hard time too with fighters who specialize in Ice, Flying, or Psychic combat.


Obtainable in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire by way of the final evolution of a Swablu, Altaria first appeared in Pokémon Crystal. In addition to its distinctive cloud-like appearance, its humming sound has the power to mesmerize everybody who hears it.

Altaria, which may look more like a bird at first glance, is actually a dragon and a flying Pokémon that excels against opponents with a Ground alignment. Unfortunately, it has low defenses against Rock and Fairy types and struggles mightily against Ice-Type foes.


It is important to note that Latias is solely female, while Latios is exclusively male, making these two legendary beings one-of-a-kind. Introduced in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, both of them wouldn’t show themselves until after the Elite Four had been defeated.
Dragon creatures that are also telepathic. Latias can feel human emotions and Latios can comprehend human language. They have a lot of success against Pokémon of the Ground type, but struggle against those of the Ice, Fairy, Ghost, Dark, and Bug varieties.


Dragon and Ground-Type Pokémon that debuted in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl and quickly became a fan favorite in the Sinnoh games. Obtaining a Garchomp requires the player to first capture and properly develop a Gible. Garchomp is a species that lives in volcano-filled mountains and is capable of speeds comparable to those of a jet fighter.

Its primary type, the Dragon, makes it vulnerable to Fairy-type foes, but its Ground-based abilities give it an edge over Electric ones. An Ice Pokémon is a Garchomp’s worst nightmare, as they deal four times as much critical damage to it.


This legendary Pokémon made its debut in Pokémon Black and could be caught in the game’s Dragonspiral Tower. Only a handful of Dragon Pokémon are Fire Types, and Reshiram is one of them (many assume Charizard would fit this description based on its appearance, but it is not a Dragon Type, outside its Mega Evolution).

Legends say that Reshiram can set the world on fire and is on a mission to aid those who would bring about an honest society. Unfortunately, it has a weakness against Pokémon that use Ground or Rock moves.


While both Reshiram and Zekrom could be caught in the game’s Dragonspiral Tower, Zekrom was exclusive to Pokémon White. Zekrom is an Electric type legendary beast. Its cone-shaped tail is the sole known source of energy and it is the only known Dragon Pokémon.

Those who want a perfect world, according to legend, will benefit from its lightning strike. When facing an opponent with Fairy, Ice, or Ground techniques, Zekrom is easily defeated.


Kyurem, unlike Resharim and Zekrom, would appear in the Giant Chasm in both Black and White. This legendary Dragon is the strongest of the three in Pokémon Black and White, and it is also an Ice-Type.

What sets Kyurem’s myth apart is the fact that it attempts to strike a harmony between truth and values, rather than releasing its power on the world. To put it simply, it has a hard time competing with Pokémon that specialize in combat, rock, steel, or the fairy type.


In Pokémon Sword & Shield, Dragapult, the very latest Pokémon to join the fold, evolves from Dreepy. During combat, it can fire two tiny Dreepy from its horns like missiles.

Even though it’s a Dragon, the Ghost-Type Pokémon Dragapult is often referred to as the “Stealth Pokémon.” If you need a lot of Speed in a tight situation, this is your best bet. While it can’t be hurt by Normal-Type or Fighting Pokémon, it takes a serious beating from Pokémon of the Ice, Dark, or Fairy types.


Rayquaza, the Sky Pillar’s resident legendary Dragon and Flying-Type, made its debut in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. It may have been in the Earth’s atmosphere for millions of years before anybody noticed it.

Rayquaza is one of the greatest Dragon Type Pokémon in the games, and is an excellent choice if a player requires a Pokémon with high Attack and Special Attack. It has little trouble defeating opponents with a Ground alignment, but it struggles against those with an Ice alignment, and it is also vulnerable to Rock and Fairy tactics.


Dragonite was one of the first 150 Pokémon released with the game and is thus a popular candidate for a new Regional Form in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The ultimate form of Dratini, it debuted in Red and Blue. In its oceanic habitat, the Dragon and Flying-Type Dragonite is kind and will rescue individuals in peril.

Due of its high Attack and Defense values, it is a suitable option for use against foes who operate on the ground. On the other side, it struggles more against Rock and Fairy types and is no match for an Ice Pokémon.

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